About Us

Our restaurant
The Bang Bang kiosk and beer bar has been designed by award winning designer Shelley Kwok, in line with the brand’s in-your-face and punching values of creativity, boldness and deliciousness: featuring boxing paraphernalia, hommages to great athletes and artists who made a bang in their career.

A mix between a dive bar and a boxing gym, with many references to B-Movies, Pop Art and counter culture, Bang Bang is an eatery where the bass is pumping and the line between a burger and beer joint and a bar can get blurry.

Bang Bang aims to bring together in one brand, one location, Bangkok’s best comfort food, curated beers and the vibrancy of one of Bangkok’s most legendary entertainment alley: Soi Sukhumvit 11.
Always Delicious
Bang Bang Story

From the capital’s sauce veterans comes a burger and booze joint packed with flavor and originality.

With a focus on crafting special patties (home ground grass-fed beef to plant-based), the team hired a michelin-starred chef to create unique recipes of burgers and sauces with a distinctively unique taste.

With a range of creation starting from smashburgers (aka smashed burgers) to cheeseburgers and fried chicken burgers as part of the regular offering, Bang Bang aims to offer monthly specials from diners classic to regional specialties.